COVID 19: Spike Expected In Funding Requests

The coronavirus is affecting every aspect of our society. Especially vulnerable are those clients who are struggling financially while waiting for their personal injury case to settle. If the coronavirus crisis continues even for a few more weeks, it will compound the financial hardship. Strict governmental restrictions, such as Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti’s directive on Sunday, March 15 to […]

Advantages Of Using Lien Doctors To Treat Injured Plaintiffs

Personal injury plaintiffs are often shocked to learn that their insurance company will only cover a portion of their medical costs. Clients are left trying to figure out how to pay for their needed treatment. Fortunately, a relatively new arrangement enables plaintiffs to receive immediate treatment and their physicians to be fully compensated for their services. Lien Doctors. A growing […]

Settlement Strategies Using A Liability Limit Trace

The size of a settlement in a personal injury cases often depends on the size of the defendant’s insurance policy. Having information about the defendant’s insurance coverage limits (or whether the defendant has insurance) before taking on a case or proceeding with settlement negotiations can be a big advantage for the plaintiff’s attorney. Rockpoint Legal Funding offers “liability limit traces” […]

Injured Uber Passengers Can Get Immediate Help With Medical Costs

Your client calls for an Uber, gets into the car, but before he arrives at his destination, his driver becomes distracted resulting in an auto accident in which your client is severely injured. Determining The Responsible Party. Does Uber pay for client’s injuries? Does the Uber driver’s insurance pay? Uber says it provides coverage for third party injuries, but Uber […]

TBI: Arranging Medical Funding When Treatment is Critical

After an accident, some injuries such as a traumatic brain injury or post concussive syndrome do not show immediate symptoms. An individual may walk away from an auto accident with no broken bones, but later experience headaches, dizziness, pain, memory loss and trouble concentrating—all indications of an injury to the brain. It is important to have a thorough medical evaluation […]