Paying For Traumatic Brain Injury Medical Treatment & Care

Each year, about 2.5 million people sustain a traumatic brain injury. Immediate medical care is critical. Costs for emergency treatment, follow-up procedures and rehabilitation can easily top $1 million. Who Pays For Medical Costs? When a person suffers a traumatic brain injury caused by second party, for example in a car accident, the at-fault driver’s insurance carrier will usually agree […]

Lien Doctors: What You Should Know Before You Retain

Accident victims shouldn’t have to go without medical treatment just because they can’t afford high out-of-pocket medical costs. Even if they are insured, many victims are turning to medical liens to assist in paying for expenses. How It Works. When plaintiffs in personal injury cases need medical care and their insurance doesn’t cover all the expenses (or they are uninsured), […]

Covering In-Home Care Expenses Through Pre-Settlement Funding

When the unthinkable happens—a loved one suffers a catastrophic injury—the cost for care can be astronomical. Severely injured individuals typically needs round-the-clock support that often includes in-home nursing and daily assistance with bathing, dressing, feeding and transportation. When a third party causes the injury, finances to pay for these services are often in limbo until legal settlement is reached. Cases […]

Happy Holidays to All

We wish you the happiest of holiday seasons and a successful New Year. Thank you to all who have entrusted Rockpoint Legal Funding to provide plaintiff and medical funding for your cases. Your support is truly appreciated. As we head into a New Year, please keep us in mind when clients require immediate funds after an injury or funding for […]

Rockpoint Legal Funding Meets High Demand For Plaintiff Funding During the Holidays

The holidays are a classic time for families and friends to come together to celebrate, create memories and relax. For personal injury clients, the holidays can be a difficult time. While waiting for settlement proceeds and unable to work because of their injuries, money can be tight. They may not be able to afford presents for their loved ones, host […]

Pre-Settlement Funding – Risk-Free Option For Injured Plaintiffs Who Need Quick Cash

A young man is injured when a wrong-way driver sideswipes his car. Unable to work because of his injuries, he quickly depletes his cash while waiting for his case to settle. Now what? Injured plaintiffs have a number of options to obtain funds to pay for living expenses while their case runs its course. — Use savings to pay for […]

The Importance of Reputation in a Funding Company

In business, performance and reputation are everything. This is particularly true in when it comes to pre-settlement funding. No attorney wants to worry that the funding company it entrusts to help an injured client will not deliver a high level of service. Attorneys rely on funding companies to provide clients fast access to funds to pay immediate and ongoing expenses. […]

Make Sure Clients Understand the Difference Between Pre-Settlement Funding and Loans

Personal injury clients often receive solicitations from companies offering “lawsuit loans” or “litigation financing.” In fact, “loans” and “financing” are incorrect terms for most funding associated with personal injury cases. This can lead to confusion by clients as to what kind of funding they are actually receiving. Why does terminology matter? Most people know what it takes to apply for […]