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Plaintiff Funding
Power to the Plantiff
Empowering plaintiffs to receive non-recourse funding on their lawsuit prior to settlement
Medical Funding
Power to the Healthcare Provider
Empowering doctors on lien to create liquidity in their lien-based business

The Financial Toolkit for Plaintiffs, Plaintiff Attorneys, and Doctors on Lien

Rockpoint offers financial tools for plaintiff attorneys, Doctors on Lien, and plaintiffs. Rockpoint is service-oriented and offers same-day turnaround times helping its customers create the most efficient workflow in their offices. Thousands of attorneys and doctors on lien choose Rockpoint. Thousands of plaintiffs meet their financial needs with Rockpoint.

Attorneys First

We are happy to establish relationships with new attorneys. Each law firm has a dedicated vice president and account executive, which provides for a more personalized experience. In addition to a dedicated account team, we pride ourselves on 5 key components to provide your law practice with exceptional customer service:
Direct Funder & Lien Holder
Lien Consolidation
Attorneys Approve Transactions
Privacy & Data Protection
Capped Fees
Direct Funder & Lien Holder
Rockpoint holds all of the liens it purchases. Rockpoint does not share any customer information with third parties. Rockpoint is not a broker.
Lien Consolidation
Attorneys have the convenience of disbursing with a single lienholder when they use Rockpoint for their office and their plaintiffs. This process streamlines the law firm's back office tasks when receiving and disbursing funding.
Attorneys Approve Transactions
Rockpoint never approves a funding without the attorney's explicit written consent. Attorneys will always be in the loop and approve the amount funded.
Privacy & Data Protection
Rockpoint does not share any customer information with third parties. Privacy and data protection are at the core of Rockpoint's operation. All data is encrypted and protected using the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform, and all logins require 2-factor authentication.
Capped Fees
100% of Rockpoint's pre-settlement funding contracts are capped and stop accruing within three years from the purchase date. So, if a case takes longer than anticipated and past the three-year mark, Rockpoint's lien is frozen and does not continue to accrue.

Nationwide Scale

Rockpoint services attorneys, plaintiffs, and medical providers in most US states. Rockpoint's proprietary software enables its team to disburse funds to a recipient within hours anywhere in the United States. Efficiency and scalability are encoded in Rockpoint's DNA.

Rockpoint Story

Rockpoint began with modest roots in Los Angeles, California. Three founders realized there was an opportunity to improve a decade-old industry to better serve the modern needs of attorneys and plaintiffs. Rockpoint funded its first deal in June 2015 and has continued to grow ever since. We are built on a philosophy of exceptional service, transparency, and integrity above all.
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