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Medical Services

For Medical Providers

For Medical Providers. A female medical professional in surgical gear is working over a patient on a surgical table. She is holding a surgical tool. Rockpoint legal funding provides best in industry medical lien services.

Your business is caring for patients. Our business is funding that care, with speed and reliability.

As a Medical Provider you can rely on Rockpoint for medical lien funding, granting you more time for patient care. You won’t have to worry about evaluating cases, waiting to get paid or chasing down case outcomes.

Rockpoint has an impeccable reputation for unwavering ethics and great relationships with reputable law firms. Have your procedures funded by a company trusted by personal injury attorneys everywhere. Let us focus on finance while you focus on care.

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Unload the burden of medical liens to gain growth and prosperity for your practice and patients. A medical professional is writing on a clipboard. Rockpoint Legal Funding purchases medical liens.

Unload the burden of aging medical liens for improved cash flow and growth.

Rockpoint can purchase your accounts receivable in bulk. Free up capital for expansion, marketing, improvements in operations, new equipment - the possibilities are limitless.
A medical back-office employee is talking on the phone arranging the purchase of technical and professional liens from Rockpoint Legal Funding

Purchase of facility and professional fee liens

Rockpoint also purchases facility and professional fee liens and Letters of Protection whenever you need.
Let us get rid of the weight dragging down your medical practice.

Let us get rid of the weight slowing down your medical practice.

Stop wasting staff time following up on case status and put the cash back where it belongs - into helping your patients and your practice thrive.

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Let us get rid of the weight dragging down your medical practice.

Your assurance is our objective.

Trust our team of dedicated and ethical account executives that streamline logistics and communication.

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Let us get rid of the weight dragging down your medical practice.

Let us bring you peace of mind.

Our medical lien services provide you with immediate cash flow and take the onerous process of lien handling and negotiation off of you and your staff.

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