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Medical Services

Why Choose Rockpoint?

Why Choose Rockpoint?

Build your best cases, on the trustworthy financial foundation Rockpoint provides.

At Rockpoint, we work in partnership with personal injury attorneys to provide true peace of mind and allow your practice to thrive. We are proud of the positive relationships we have built over time as attorneys choose us again and again for our unwavering ethics, speed and flexibility.

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Our commitment to you is straightforward, ethical financial transactions.

Our funding is provided with:

An easy-to-understand funding table
No compounding interest
No hidden fees
No unexpected charges
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Rockpoint's team takes pride in our commitment to integrity, honesty and good judgement in our professional practices - always. Our reputation is impeccable when it comes to our unwavering ethics.
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Our company proprietary software enables our team to provide speedy, accurate and efficient service, while maintaining the highest levels of data security.
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At Rockpoint, we've got your back. We will work with you on the backend and will never hold your case hostage. We'll make sure that you are the hero for your client.
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Plaintiff Funding

We give your clients financial peace of mind, to help pave the way for your best case outcomes ever.

Rockpoint Legal Funding is your rock-solid partner providing supportive, fast and honest legal funding with no surprises for you or your clients.
Let us get rid of the weight dragging down your medical practice.

Free up your law firm to focus on the business of practicing law.

To talk to Rockpoint about plaintiff funding, contact our team today.

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Litigation Funding

Case Cost Funding

Here to help your practice thrive.

With Rockpoint case cost funding, we believe in you and your case – unlike a loan, no collateral is required and you are not personally liable. In fact, if you don’t win or secure a settlement, the funds do not have to be repaid. There are no minimum draws or required monthly payments.

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Let us get rid of the weight dragging down your medical practice.

Rockpoint has your back.

Let us provide ethical, fast, no-risk case cost funding to clear the way to growth and opportunity.

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Medical Funding

Unload the burden

Let us take care of all the details with our trusted network of quality medical professionals

With our ever-expanding network of medical providers, your clients can get the care they need from the options they deserve.

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Let us get rid of the weight dragging down your medical practice.

Keep your practice strong and on the right path to success.

Choose Rockpoint for medical funding and your clients can focus on recovery while you can focus on their case.

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Let us get rid of the weight dragging down your medical practice.

Let us bring you peace of mind.

Our catalog of services ensures your clients get the care they need to recover and the money they need to thrive and you get funding for litigation - fast. You can rely on Rockpoint.

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