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Back Injuries can greatly reduce your range of motion and cause chronic pain.

While there are many types of back injuries that can occur in an auto accident or fall, the most common types of injuries are sprains or strains, herniated or bulging disk and fractured vertebrae (stelizabeth.com). 

  • Sprains or Strains: These are the most common type of back injury and sprains are more likely to occur in accidents. While they are fairly simple to treat, failure to treat them promptly can aggravate the injury and increase the time it takes to heal. Symptoms include pain and decreased mobility due to associated pain.
  • Herniated or Bulging Disks: Vertebral disks are comprised of a rubbery outside ring surrounding a softer center, much like a jelly doughnut. When a tear or rupture in the outside ring occurs, the softer inside can bulge or push through the tear, irritating nearby nerves and causing arm or leg pain, numbness or tingling and muscle weakness. Epidural injections and medication may be used to treat the symptoms.
  • Fractured Vertebra: Trauma to the spine from an accident or fall can cause cracks or gaps in the vertebrae (The bones surrounding the spinal column). This can cause extreme pain and affect posture and height. There are surgical options, as well as medication and appliances that can be used to treat a vertebral fracture.

If your back has been injured in an accident, resulting in your filing a personal injury lawsuit, Rockpoint’s fast and transparent funding process is here to help.

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Legal funding is not a loan, it is non-recourse funding on a plaintiff’s claim. That means if the case is lost or not settled, Rockpoint is not owed any funds.

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Fast Approval & Funding

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