Plaintiff Funding

Rockpoint's plaintiff funding platform provides plaintiffs with pre-settlement funding on their pending legal claim. Rockpoint's plaintiff funding platform is fast, easy, and transparent. The funding is coordinated with the attorney to align all members of the transaction.

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Legal funding is not a loan, it is non-recourse funding on a plaintiff's claim. That means if the case is lost or not settled, Rockpoint is not owed any funds.

Why Rockpoint Legal Funding?

Rockpoint Legal Funding is a national funding company with years of experience and is actively involved in statewide attorney organizations and is endorsed by its members.

No win, no repayment

Legal funding is non-recourse, meaning if you don't settle or win your case, Rockpoint's lien does not need to be repaid.

Maximize your lawsuit

Legal funding through Rockpoint will provide you and your plaintiff time to get the best possible settlement. Don't settle for less.

We work together

We work with your law office and plaintiff to ensure the funding is processed without delay and does not interfere with your case.

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