Why Rockpoint?

We know that when you need money, you need it fast. More importantly, we empathize and understand the sensitivity involved in dealing with personal injury matters. Our goal, in assisting you get your funds, is that you get your funds quickly and easily. It’s because of our ongoing commitment to providing our clients the best service at an honest cost, which is why we believe Rockpoint Legal Funding is the premiere legal funding company in the plaintiff advancing industry.

We treat our clients with respect and dignity. This is why we are the first and only legal funding company that proudly states “WE HAVE NO HIDDEN FEES.” We differentiate ourselves from our competitors, by boasting the most transparent contract and pricing model in the industry.

We always want our clients to be mindful of companies that advertise their services with artificially low fees. What clients often don’t know, is that these “low” rates are supplemented withexceptionally high origination and underwriting fees. This means, that if you receive $1,000 and are charged a $300 administrative fee, you’re paying accrual on the $1,000 and the $300 fees. That’s just not right.

These fees are not only hidden from the client receiving the advance, but are designed to be purposelymisleading, making the cost of the advance to appear cheaper or lower than it really is. Moreover, it makes it very difficult for a client to calculate and project the entire cost of the advance, because most people have a difficult time understanding the difference between simple and compound fees.

At Rockpoint Legal Funding, we avoid this entire mess of compounding fees, origination and underwriting fees, and endless financial disclosures. Instead, we have a straight-forward pricing model that is honest, easy to understand, and helps you effectively budget the cost of your advance well before you commit to receiving your money.

We understand the devastating impacts that a personal injury impact can have on your financial and emotional state of mind. This is why we have designed our business around treating our clients with dignity, respect, and helping them receive their pre-settlement funds as quickly as possible. Our non-recourse advances mean that if you don’t win your case, you don’t owe us a dime.

Our average turnaround time on an application approval is typically an hour or less. We also are equipped to disperse your funds fast and efficiently. We can send your funds through wire-transfers, direct deposit, check, and Western Union.

Rockpoint Legal Funding is not a personal injury lawyer, nor can we offer you legal advice. We are here, though, to help assist you with all of your plaintiff-advancing needs. Please don’t hesitate to contact one of the friendly members at Rockpoint Legal Funding to help answer any questions you may have.