Post-Settlement Funding

Not everyone who applies for a case advance has a pending personal injury case. In fact, a growing portion of plaintiff-advance applicants are now applying for post-settlement advances as insurance companies are taking longer and longer to disperse settlement funds to injured plaintiffs in need. At Rockpoint Legal Funding, we are here to help you with all of your post-settlement advancing needs.

What is a post-settlement advance?

Post-settlement advances occur when a settlement or verdict has been reached, but the plaintiff finds him or herself in need of immediate financial relief before the funds actually get dispersed to the client. Depending on the circumstances of the case, how much is being paid out, and who is found responsible to pay out the settlement, it can sometimes takes months between when a settlement is reached and when the client actually receives his or her funds. Rockpoint can give you an advance now.

Why get a post-settlement advance?

Post-settlement advances assist clients that have a secured settlement, but need a certain portion of those funds advanced to keep them financially solvent, until their settlement or verdict’s funds get dispersed to them. Funds are generally used to over overdue bills, rent, and groceries.

How long does it take?

Whether your settlement occurred as a result of an auto accident, a slip and fall, a dog bite, a wrongful death, a products liability claim, a workers’ compensation case, or any other personal injury settlement or verdict, Rockpoint is able to evaluate and approve your post-settlement application within minutes!

We understand that when you’re applying for an advance, it’s important to get your answers and your funds delivered quickly and easily. At Rockpoint Legal Funding, we are committed to being the easiest and fastest plaintiff advancing service in the industry. We are here to help assist you in your time of need.

So whether you have a pre-settlement or post-settlement inquiry, please don’t hesitate to contact the friendly staff members of Rockpoint Legal Funding today.

Our application is also risk-free and free of any obligations, hidden fees, and offers the most comprehensive and transparent legal funding service in the entire industry.