Find Insurance Policy Limits

Rockpoint, through a third party, offers services researching auto insurance & property insurance policy information. One can determine the bodily injury and property damage limits, discover the policy number, and even research policy existence.

The size of a settlement in a personal injury case often depends on the size of the defendant's insurance policy. Having information about the insurance coverage limits (or whether or not insurance exists) before taking on a case or proceeding with settlement negotiations can be a big advantage for an attorney.

Rockpoint through a third party offers "liability limit traces" on defendant insurance policies. We use proprietary information sources to access data. These traces provide a number of benefits.

Benefits of Policy Limit Tracing:

  • Understanding case value before settlement negotiations
  • Making better decisions
  • No Hit, No Fee basis work


All Insurance Trace Services - $200.00 + Add On Fee(s)

Additional/Add On Fee(s) Amount
Personal (non-commercial) Auto Liability Limits $ 0
Personal (non-commercial) Homeowners/Renters Liability Limits $ 0
Personal (non-commercial) Policy Existence* $ 300.00
Personal (non-commercial) Umbrella Limits**: $ 100.00
Commercial Auto Liability Limits*** $ 200.00
Commercial General Liability Limits*** $ 200.00
AAA, Farmers, Bristol West, Foremost Insurance Trace - Requires additional research time and resources $ 50.00
Date of Loss between 1 and 3 years $ 50.00
Date of Loss between 3 and 5 years $ 100.00
Date of Loss between 5 and 10 years $ 500.00
UI/UIM (Under-Insured/Un-Insured Motorists) $ 25.00
Policy Period- Verifies policy term for date-of-loss $ 50.00
Policy Number- Verifies and provides the unknown policy number $ 25.00
5-Day Rush- Expedited results within 5 Business Days $ 25.00
3-Day Rush- Expedited results within 3 Business Days $ 50.00
12- Hour Rush- Expedited results within 12 business hours $ 100.00
1-3 Hour Rush- Please call Rockpoint at 310-295-2296 for pre-approval $ 300.00
Case Termination/Cancellation Fee- Termination or Cancellation of a submitted request $ 50.00
Search without a Defendant's required information - In a small percentage of cases, we may be able to complete a request without a defendant's address or date of birth or other required information. Required information is identified on the "Request for Liability Limits Trace" form. $ 75.00
International Searches - Any search conducted on a Non U.S. based insurance carrier and/or an individual/entity residing outside of the U.S. is considered an International Search. $ 750.00
Period of Loss Search - Any search to identify a policy within a Loss Period as opposed to a Specific Date of Loss. $ 300.00
* Policy Existence Trace only available if Insurance Company name is provided. Subject to a $150.00 processing fee.
** Umbrella Trace will return Liability Limits AND Umbrella Limits and will be billed the Base Rate + Umbrella and any applicable add-on fees.
*** All Commercial cases have a $25.00 Processing fee if the results are "No-Hit."

Liability Limit tracing services are offered on a "No-Find, No-Fee"basis. Thus, if we do not find the policy limits that you have requested, there is no charge to you. A definitive confirmation that there is NO POLICY IN PLACE or there is NO COVERAGE ON THE DATE OF LOSS is considered a successful search. ONLY AN INCONCLUSIVE RESULT OR A NO-HIT will result in "No-Fee."
Policy Existence tracing services are subject to a $150.00 processing fee. If your Policy Existence trace results in a positive research result, the $150.00 processing fee will be waived and our standard Base Trace plus Policy Existence add-on fee will apply. If your Policy Existence trace request results in a ‘No-Hit’ then you will be invoiced solely for the $150.00 processing fee.

Rockpoint Funding does not directly offer insurance tracing services. Any and all insurance tracing services are provided by and through a third party. Rockpoint Funding does not direct, supervise or oversee the business practices of third party insurance research companies.