Find Insurance Policy Limits through Red Folder Research

Red Folder Research offers to research auto insurance and homeowner insurance policy information. You can know the bodily injury and property damage limits, discover the policy number, and research policy existence.

The size of a settlement in a personal injury case often depends on the size of the defendant's insurance policy. Having information about the insurance coverage limits (or whether or not insurance exists) before taking on a case or proceeding with settlement negotiations can be a big advantage for an attorney.

Red Folder Research offers "liability limit traces" on defendant insurance policies. We use proprietary information sources to access data. These traces provide a number of benefits.

Benefits of Policy Limit Tracing through Red Folder Research:

  • Understanding case value before settlement negotiations
  • Making better decisions
  • No Hit, No Fee basis work


All Insurance Trace Services - $200.00 + Add On Fee(s)

Additional/Add On Fee(s) Amount
Personal (non-commercial) Auto Liability Limits $ -
Personal (non-commercial) Homeowners/Renters Liability Limits $ -
Personal (non-commercial) Policy Existence* $ 100.00
Personal (non-commercial) Umbrella Limits**: $ 100.00
Commercial Auto Liability Limits*** $ 200.00
Commercial General Liability Limits*** $ 200.00
AAA, Farmers, Bristol West, Foremost Insurance Trace - Requires additional research time and resources $ 50.00
Date of Loss between 1 and 3 years $ 50.00
Date of Loss between 3 and 5 years $ 100.00
Date of Loss between 5 and 10 years $ 500.00
UI/UIM (Under-Insured/Un-Insured Motorists) $ 25.00
Policy Period- Verifies policy term for date-of-loss $ 50.00
Policy Number- Verifies and provides the unknown policy number $ 25.00
5-Day Rush- Expedited results within 5 Business Days $ 25.00
3-Day Rush- Expedited results within 3 Business Days $ 50.00
12- Hour Rush- Expedited results within 12 business hours $ 100.00
1-3 Hour Rush- Please call Rockpoint at 310-295-2296 for pre-approval $ 300.00
Case Termination/Cancellation Fee- Termination or Cancellation of a submitted request $ 50.00
Search without a Defendant's required information - In a small percentage of cases, we may be able to complete a request without a defendant's address or date of birth or other required information. Required information is identified on the "Request for Liability Limits Trace" form. $ 75.00
International Searches - Any search conducted on a Non U.S. based insurance carrier and/or an individual/entity residing outside of the U.S. is considered an International Search. $ 750.00
Period of Loss Search - Any search to identify a policy within a Loss Period as opposed to a Specific Date of Loss. $ 300.00
* Policy Existence Trace only available if Insurance Company name is provided.
** Umbrella Trace will return Liability Limits AND Umbrella Limits.
*** All Commercial cases have a $25.00 Processing fee if the results are "No-Hit."

Liability Limit tracing services are offered on a "No-Find, No-Fee"basis. Thus, if we do not find the policy limits that you have requested, there is no charge to you. A definitive confirmation that there is NO POLICY IN PLACE or there is NO COVERAGE ON THE DATE OF LOSS is considered a successful search. ONLY AN INCONCLUSIVE RESULT OR A NO-HIT will result in "No-Fee." Policy Existence tracing services, including Umbrella traces, are subject to a $25.00 Processing Fee. If your Policy Existence Trace Results in a positive research result, the $25.00 Processing Fee will be waived and our standard fee schedule, provided above, will apply. If your Policy Existence Trace Request results in a "No-Hit", you will be invoiced solely for the $25.00 Processing Fee. Rockpoint Funding does not directly offer insurance tracing services. Any and all insurance tracing services are provided by and through Red Folder Research. No partnership, employment or agency relationship exists between Rockpoint Funding and Red Folder Research. Rockpoint Funding does not direct, supervise or oversee the business practices of Red Folder Research.