Legal Funding Basics

Millions of people are involved in personal injury accidents every year. “Personal Injury” is a very broad term, and can range from accidents involving small fender-benders, to catastrophic injuries with debilitating and long-lasting effects. Sometimes, the impacts of a personal injury accident can be devastating, and leave the injured parties often helpless and vulnerable. With the long lead-time it often takes for a personal injury claim to result in a fair settlement or verdict, an injured victim may find him or herself in a compromising financial position. Legal Funding, also known as pre-settlement advancing, case advancing, or plaintiff advancing, is a tool to help service and provide financial relief to personal injury victims.

With Rockpoint Legal Funding’s pre-settlement advancing, we are in the business to assist injured plaintiffs receive the financial care, as a non-recourse advance to their personal injury settlement.

Insurance companies often have endless resources to fight your case and payout as little as possible. One strategy often used is to prolong the case as much as possible so you, the plaintiff, are okay with settling for a smaller amount now. Legal funding exists to help cover your expenses now so you can potentially get more from your lawsuit later.

Rockpoint Legal Funding makes plaintiff-advancing quick, transparent, and easy-to-use. However, we want to be clear that pre-settlement funding should always be used as a last resort. Rockpoint Legal Funding always encourages injured plaintiffs, when in need of financial assistance, to try and receivefinancial relief from family, friends, or savings before considering any type of legal funding. If you’ve exhausted all of these options, and find yourself in need of immediate access to cash, then legal funding may be your best option.

Our easy-to-use application ensures that you can submit your pre-settlement inquiry quickly and effortlessly. Moreover, we do our absolute best to respond to your application as quickly as possible.This means, with Rockpoint Legal Funding’s advanced software and automation, we are able to let you know if you’re approved within usually an hour after you submit your application.

We are able to disperse your funds just as quickly. Whether you prefer to receive your funds via wire transfer, direct deposit, check, or Western Union, Rockpoint Legal Funding is equipped to get your money in your hands as fast as possible.

And, Rockpoint’s non-recourse advances ensure that if you don’t win you’re case, you don’t owe us a dime. Our application is risk-free, obligation-free, user-friendly, and secure. We know that when you’re injured, times can be tough, but plaintiff advancing shouldn’t be.

Rockpoint Legal Funding is not a personal injury attorney, nor can we offer legal advice. We are here,however, to help assist you with any pre-settlement or legal funding matters. If you have been injured in a personal injury case and, as a result are too injured to work, or just have medical bills piling up – then you’ve come to the right place. Feel free to contact the friendly staff at Rockpoint Legal Funding today to help you with all of your legal funding needs.