General FAQ

Why would I choose Rockpoint over another funding company?

Rockpoint Legal Funding offers the quickest, but also, the most transparent plaintiff-advance service in the industry. While all of our other competitors advertise artificially low usage fees (between 2%-4%), what they don’t advertise is their expensive origination fees, underwriting fees, case handling fees, archiving fees, etc that they add to the cost of your advance. And what they also fail to mention, is that they accrue on those fees. So, if you receive a $1,000 advance, and you’re charged $300 in administrative fees in addition to your advance, then you’re paying accrual on the $1,000 that was issued to you, as well as the $300 fee. Another important factor to consider, is that these companiescompound their fees, so their fees escalate at higher rates each and every month for the life of your advance.

At Rockpoint, we avoid the entire mess of trying to calculate accrual rates, dealing with simple vs. compound, rolling additional fees into the principal, and making it nearly impossible to actually budget and project the cost of the advance.

Instead, we use a simple and transparent funding table, with no additional fees, no hidden fees, no administrative fees: “What you see is what you get.” You will never pay a penny more than what’s listed on the funding table. It’s simple, it’s easy to understand, and it’s honest.

We also approve most of our applications within an hour or less!

Is this a loan?

No. We issue non-recourse advances. This means, if you don’t win your case, you don’t owe Rockpoint a penny. These advances are risk-free to the plaintiff, in the event you lose your case.

Do you pull my credit?

Because it’s not a loan, Rockpoint doesn’t need to check your credit, your references, or any of your personal information outside of your personal injury case.

When does Rockpoint get paid back?

Rockpoint gets paid back after the case settles. There are no payments until then.

What happens if the case doesn’t settle or I lose my case in court?

Nothing. You don’t owe Rockpoint a dime.

How quickly can you fund?

We can fund, usually, within an hour after we’ve received your signed contract. If you opt to have your funds dispersed via wire transfer or direct deposit, you can have your funds deposited instantly (as long as it’s not past the federal cut-off time for wire transfers and direct deposits).

Do you work with my attorney when I apply for an advance?

Yes. We want to ensure that your attorney is aware that you’re requesting a pre-settlement or post-settlement advance.

What is the minimum or maximum dollar amount I can request?

Rockpoint’s plaintiff advance amounts can range from as little as $250.00 per advance all the way to $10,000.00

Are there any out-of-pocket costs?

Absolutely not. Our applications are risk-free, void of any out-of-pocket costs, and carry no obligation to move forward if you are approved.

Where is your office headquartered?

Los Angeles, California

What kind of cases do you advance on?

Rockpoint Legal Funding will advance on all types of personal injury cases, including but not limited to: auto vs auto accident, auto vs pedestrian, passenger auto accidents, Slip and Fall, product liability, wrongful death, pedestrian accidents, dog bites, and workers’ compensation.

If I’ve already received an advance, can I apply for another advance?

Yes. Whether you’ve received your first advance(s) from Rockpoint or another funding company, we will review your application and make an approval decision based upon the facts of the case.

What can I spend my advance on?

Whatever you wish. Most clients who apply for advances typically use their pre-settlement or post-settlement funds on rent, groceries, transportation, and other living expenses.

Is Rockpoint’s website secure? Absolutely.

We use a 256bit encryption on our website and log-in portal. Your personal information is safe and secure.