Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ
Why would I choose Rockpoint over another funding company?

Rockpoint Legal Funding is fast, easy and transparent. Rockpoint puts the attorney first and is driven by it's five core values: staying operationally efficient, creating a support team environment, fast-paced innovation, ownership & accountability, and acting ethically and with integrity.
Is legal funding a loan?

No. Legal funding is non-recourse, meaning if the case doesn't perform, Rockpoint does not get its capital returned.
Does Rockpoint pull credit?

When does Rockpoint get paid back?

Rockpoint gets paid back upon settlement of the case.
What happens if the case doesn’t settle or is lost court?

Nothing. Rockpoint takes a loss.
Is Rockpoint a broker?

No. Rockpoint is a direct capital source.
Attorney FAQ
Why should I refer my clients to Rockpoint?

Rockpoint offers white glove service to its law firms and their clients. Rockpoint is also fast, easy, and transparent.
Is the attorney funding a loan?

No. This is a non-recourse funding collateralized by the attorney's contingency portion of the case.