COVID 19: Spike Expected In Funding Requests

The coronavirus is affecting every aspect of our society. Especially vulnerable are those clients who are struggling financially while waiting for their personal injury case to settle. If the coronavirus crisis continues even for a few more weeks, it will compound the financial hardship. Strict governmental restrictions, such as Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti’s directive on Sunday, March 15 to […]

Settlement Strategies Using A Liability Limit Trace

The size of a settlement in a personal injury cases often depends on the size of the defendant’s insurance policy. Having information about the defendant’s insurance coverage limits (or whether the defendant has insurance) before taking on a case or proceeding with settlement negotiations can be a big advantage for the plaintiff’s attorney. Rockpoint Legal Funding offers “liability limit traces” […]

Pre-Settlement Funding Helps Injured Clients Without Medical Insurance

Health insurance premiums are high–often so high that individuals make the tough decision to go uninsured, hoping they’ll stay healthy and avoid accidents. However, no matter how safe we try to be, actions by a third party can cause car accidents, equipment malfunctions or produce unsafe products that can result in injuries requiring medical attention. When personal injury clients must […]

Car Accident Litigation and Plaintiff Funding

According to the California Office of Traffic Safety (OTS) 2017 annual report, 11,942 serious traffic injuries occurred in California during 2015, an 8.6 percent increase from 2014 (latest statistics available). The OTS identified alcohol and drug impairment and distracted driving as priority issues that need the most attention and funding to reduce crashes. Unfortunately, no matter how advanced auto safety […]

Avoid Post-Holiday Financial Blues With Plaintiff Funding

It happens to just about everyone–spend too much during the holidays for gifts, food, travel and other out-of-the-ordinary expenses–and one can find themselves facing mounting bills in January. For clients who cannot work because of an accident or injury, paying those holiday bills can be even more difficult. Keep Collection Agencies Away. If your clients find themselves unable to pay […]