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Rockpoint Legal Funding Now Provides Medical & Surgery Funding

Rockpoint Legal Funding Now Provides Medical & Surgery Funding

Clients who are hurt in an accident through the negligence of others now can turn to Rockpoint Legal Funding to help fund needed medical procedures through our new medical funding program.

When personal injury clients need a medical procedure, they usually have many questions. What doctor can I go to? Will my insurance cover the costs? I don’t have insurance, now what? We know it can be a tremendous cause for worry. This is where Rockpoint Legal Funding can help

Who qualifies for medical and surgery funding?

  • Clients Without Health Insurance:  Clients without insurance can use medical and surgery funding instead of going out-of-pocket or opting out of necessary healthcare.
  • Out of Network Care:  In certain instances, the most qualified surgeons or medical providers are out of your client’s insurance network. Such funding alternatives enables clients to choose their own surgeon — in-network or out.
  • Deductibles, Medical Devices and Hardware Funding:  Insurance companies may agree to cover a procedure, but your clients may still have a high deductible or be denied coverage for a needed medical device that would provide an optimal outcome. Medical funding takes care of necessary deductible and medical hardware costs not covered by insurance.

Rockpoint Legal Funding works with you and your clients, hospitals and doctors so the funding process runs smoothly. Through medical funding, doctors are paid on day one, thus eliminating need to negotiate with health insurance companies.

Rockpoint Legal Funding provides fast and transparent nonrecourse funding. There’s no hidden fees or costs. Medical funding can typically be approved within 24 hours of the completion of the client application.

As with all plaintiff funding, medical funding is only repaid by case proceeds if the plaintiff wins. If the case does not succeed, the funding does not need to be repaid.

For more information, please give us a call at call 855-582-9200 or email Ramtin Ghaneeian, Rockpoint Legal Funding president, at