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Rockpoint Legal Funding Meets High Demand For Plaintiff Funding During the Holidays

Rockpoint Legal Funding Meets High Demand For Plaintiff Funding During the Holidays

The holidays are a classic time for families and friends to come together to celebrate, create memories and relax. For personal injury clients, the holidays can be a difficult time. While waiting for settlement proceeds and unable to work because of their injuries, money can be tight. They may not be able to afford presents for their loved ones, host get-togethers or travel, let alone pay day-to-day living expenses and mounting medical bills.

Fortunately, insurance companies often seek to settle cases before year-end to clear their books for the New Year. However, even if cases settle in November, insurance companies can take time to disperse settlement proceeds and even more time after that for the law firm to finalize all lien payments–well past the holidays.

Pre-settlement and post-settlement funding can make the holidays less financially stressful. The plaintiff simply fills out and submits an online application for a specific amount of funds. Once it is determined that the plaintiff has a decent case against the defendant, funds can be wired or transferred to the client within 24 hours. To help your clients sleep a little easier, these funds are non-recourse–meaning if the plaintiff does not prevail in their claim, funds received by the plaintiff from the funding company don’t have to be repaid.

Rockpoint Legal Funding increases staffing over the holidays to handle the excess demand for plaintiff funding during this busy time of the year so you can rest assured that we can handle your clients funding needs in a timely manner.

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