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Pre-Settlement Funding: How Much Does Your Client Need?

Pre-Settlement Funding: How Much Does Your Client Need?

Your client was seriously injured in an auto accident. He was broadsided by a distracted driver. His family lives paycheck to paycheck so without him working during the recovery, there is not enough money to cover the basic needs of his family.

Pre-settlement funding, where money from a future case settlement is advanced to the plaintiff, can often help relieve the financial pressures.

Determining the Right Advance Amount. Determining the appropriate advance for an injured client requires input from both the attorney and their client. The attorney must evaluate the strength of the injured party’s case and the likelihood of a favorable settlement as well as the tradeoff of receiving funds now versus when the case settles.

Initial Questions to Ask. As the plaintiff’s attorney, below are questions to ask that will help decide if pre-settlement funding is appropriate.

–What are the client’s monetary needs–monthly living expenses, medical bills, other financial obligations?

–What is a reasonable funding amount that the client can be ok with while still leaving adequate funds at the time of settlement?

–Has liability been assumed by the defendant or their insurance company?

–Does the value of the case support the advance amount requested?

A credit history check and income verification are not needed since the advance is based solely on the strength of the plaintiff’s case. Plaintiff funds do not need to be repaid if the plaintiff fails to reach a settlement or loses in court. Because of this, pre-settlement funding companies prefer not to advance funds if a case appears risky or uncertain.

Every one of your clients is unique and so are their funding needs. It is our philosophy at Rockpoint Legal Funding to advance a conservative amount to ensure there are adequate proceeds remaining come settlement time. The goal of our funding services is to provide your client the ability to cover living expenses and not be rushed to prematurely settle a case. Pre-settlement fundings can range from as little as several hundred dollars all the way up to $50,000 or more.

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