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Post-Settlement Funding During The Holidays

Post-Settlement Funding During The Holidays

Insurance companies are eager to settle their cases by the end of the year. During the holidays, Rockpoint Legal Funding sees many cases settle, but there’s often a lag time between when cases settle and when clients receive their funds. This lag time can sometimes be as long as 6 months.

Until their settlement funds arrive, injured clients and their families are still responsible for daily living expenses that can quickly add up. Waiting for a settlement check is particularly difficult during the holidays when families want to enjoy get-togethers, purchase gifts and travel but don’t have the money to do so. This creates a pressing need for clients to have access to at least a portion of their settlement.

Post-Settlement Funding. Post-settlement funding may be a solution to this problem. Clients can estimate the amount of funds they need until their settlement check arrives to ensure that they don’t request excessive funding amounts. At Rockpoint Legal Funding, the costs associated with post-settlement fundings are clearly outlined and presented to clients. The injured parties then fill out a simple online application form. Once the application is received, funds can be wired, Fedexed or picked up within 24 hours.

Of course, funding advances are also available to individuals who are in the pre-settlement phase of their claim. The process and the speed in which clients can receive funding is the same, and since this is a non-recourse fund transfer, if clients lose their case, the funds do not have to be repaid.

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