Notaries, Paperwork and other Hassles of Plaintiff Funding


When clients are in a desperate need of funds while waiting for their case to settle, time is of the essence. Needless steps, errands, logistics and paperwork should not delay funding, yet that is exactly what certain legal funding companies expect.

Notarized Signatures Slow Down and Complicate The Process. Some settlement funding companies demand that all client signatures be notarized before funds can be released. This delay, which can be much anywhere from two to five days, can create a financial burden on plaintiffs whose rent is past due or who need to put food on the table for their family.

Requiring notarization means added steps, costs and coordination, not to mention the overall annoyance factor for both law firm staff and clients. Attorneys and law firm staff tend to have their hands full trying cases and taking care of their clients, and most would not want to take on the additional burden of also coordinating a notary for their clients. In addition to the hassle and coordination factor, many clients may not have the necessary identification documents for the notary making it impossible for them to get funding.

Rockpoint Legal Funding uses a completely paperless process so it eliminates such paperwork and logistics roadblocks. Clients sign on to Rockpoint’s site, e-sign the documents, and they are done.  Of course, Rockpoint’s staff members are always available should they have any questions in the proces

E-signatures work because they are quick, easy and hassle-free for all parties involved. Rockpoint does all the legwork so law firm staff doesn’t have to. Most importantly, e-signatures enable clients to secure much-needed funds instantly rather than days.

If you have any settlement funding questions, please visit to Rockpoint Legal Funding, call 855-582-9200 or email