Medical Funding Means Timely MRIs And Other Diagnostic Procedures

Medical Funding Means Timely MRIs And Other Diagnostic Procedures

When your client is in a serious accident, a timely and accurate diagnosis of the injury can mean the difference between a speedy recovery and a drawn out process that could lead to unnecessary pain and suffering.

MRIs and other imaging services are often the first procedures to diagnose injuries. They are used to spot injuries to the back, neck, joints, spinal cord, and even the brain. Even if your client is insured, a high deductible can make it quite difficult to afford critical diagnostic procedures such as MRIs.

Law Firm Benefits: While many law firms have pre-existing relationships with imaging centers, it is best to reach out to one source for all your imaging needs, regardless of client geography, availability and urgency of the imaging. Law firms also have the benefit of knowing who they will be negotiating the lien with upon settlement; Rockpoint is the funding company trusted most by California personal injury attorneys (e.g. Rockpoint is the only funding company endorsed by CAOC).

Client Benefits: Clients also benefit because critical diagnostic procedures are handled promptly in an area that is convenient to them, with no out of pocket costs.

Scheduling MRIs:  With coverage ALL OVER CALIFORNIA, Rockpoint can facilitate MRI appointments swiftly with zero hassle. Let us arrange your MRIs and assist with subsequent medical scheduling needs in all verticals.

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