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Leveling the Playing Field in Lengthy Litigation

Leveling the Playing Field in Lengthy Litigation

Going up against a large insurance company, government entity or corporation in a serious personal injury case is no easy task. While your injured client and their family members try to cope with a painful new reality, defense counsel strategy often includes intentionally dragging out proceedings with the hopes the financially strapped plaintiff will accept a low-ball settlement offer that is not necessarily sufficient for the required medical treatment and pain and suffering that has been caused.

Fortunately, pre-settlement funding is one way to level the litigation playing field. When injured clients have funds available to pay for living expenses while their case is being resolved, they are less likely to push for an early settlement that is not in their best interest.

Suitable Cases

While not every personal injury case will meet the criteria for pre-settlement funding, most cases with a solid likelihood of at least some success will be.

Once a case is deemed suitable, clients fill out an online form and after approved (usually within hours), funding is immediately disbursed to your client. As their attorney, you can now take advantage of this financial bridge and spend the necessary time to ensure that you and your client receive the highest compensation possible. Financial pressure on the client that could have led to acceptance of an insufficient settlement is mitigated.