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Keeping It Local – Benefits of Working With a Local Plaintiff Funding Company

Keeping It Local – Benefits of Working With a Local Plaintiff Funding Company

Clients who seek plaintiff funding typically need money fast. A physical injury or damaged car can keep them from working and collecting a paycheck. When savings are gone and they have nowhere else to turn to pay for day-to-day living expenses, plaintiff funding can be their only option.

The last thing plaintiffs need in this situation is a delay in funding. Prompt funding can mean the difference between keeping financial obligations current and drowning in debt.

One way to assure immediate funding is by selecting a local funding company whose operation is built for quick processing. Once your client’s case is determined to be strong and likely to settle, a sufficient advance amount is determined. The client then works with the funding company and fills out the necessary online forms. Funding is completed within a day, and frequently within hours.

Local Benefits. One of the advantages of working with a local funding company is not having to worry about unnecessary time delays. Since most national funding companies are based in the East Coast or Midwest, their operations typically close as early as 2 pm local time, which can cause holdups in communication and processing. This can be debilitating to plaintiffs who are in desperate need of cash. Select local funding companies can provide your clients superior service by processing requests in real time. Moreover, not only are your clients typically able to obtain approval within an hour of a completed application, but they even have the option to pick up their check from a local office on the same day. With an in-office pick up, your clients can receive their funds quickly without having to pay for overnight or wiring fees. It’s easier, faster and more cost-effective.

An injury and the subsequent litigation are stressful enough. Making sure that your client has adequate funds while a settlement is being negotiated should not be another source of concern.

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