Keeping It Local – Benefits of Working With a Local Plaintiff Funding Company

Clients who seek plaintiff funding typically need money fast. A physical injury or damaged car can keep them from working and collecting a paycheck. When savings are gone and they have nowhere else to turn to pay for day-to-day living expenses, plaintiff funding can be their only option. The last thing plaintiffs need in this situation is a delay in […]

Plaintiff Funding – Managing Client Expectations

Plaintiff funding, while seemingly a straightforward concept, can be confusing to clients especially when they are presented with unfamiliar financial terminology and complex contracts. When there is confusion, there is a higher likelihood of unmet expectations. Most grievances about plaintiff funding costs occur when plaintiffs are surprised at the cost of the advance upon settlement. Clients could feel misled about […]

Hidden Costs of Pre-Settlement Advances—What to Watch For

There are a multitude of companies offering pre-settlement advances to injured clients. One of the major differences among them is the way rates and fees are charged and calculated. Many legal funding companies opt for a misleading methodology in quoting their costs, which can cause tension between attorneys and clients at settlement time. Of course, funding companies need to cover […]

Leveling the Playing Field in Lengthy Litigation

Going up against a large insurance company, government entity or corporation in a serious personal injury case is no easy task. While your injured client and their family members try to cope with a painful new reality, defense counsel strategy often includes intentionally dragging out proceedings with the hopes the financially strapped plaintiff will accept a low-ball settlement offer that […]

Pre-Settlement Funding Helps Reduce Your Clients’ Financial-Related Stress

When someone is injured and litigation ensues, it often starts a long and complicated process that can take months or even years to resolve. The necessary legal maneuverings can overwhelm plaintiffs whose main goal is return to their normal lives. Mounting bills and depleted bank accounts could contribute to additional stress. Fortunately, one monetary option often available to plaintiffs is […]