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Avoid Post-Holiday Financial Blues With Plaintiff Funding

Avoid Post-Holiday Financial Blues With Plaintiff Funding

It happens to just about everyone–spend too much during the holidays for gifts, food, travel and other out-of-the-ordinary expenses–and one can find themselves facing mounting bills in January. For clients who cannot work because of an accident or injury, paying those holiday bills can be even more difficult.

Keep Collection Agencies Away. If your clients find themselves unable to pay their debts, one way to keep collection agencies away is by securing plaintiff funding while waiting for their case to settle. This money can be used to pay off holiday debt with money left over to cover daily living expenses.

Amount of Plaintiff Funding. Securing plaintiff funding is simple. Once you have determined that your client’s case is strong and a settlement is likely, your client simply needs to fill out a form along with some basic supplemental information from your office. Clients can receive their funds in as early as 24 hours via wire, FedEx, or even pick up a check directly from Rockpoint’s offices.

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