Pre-Settlement Funding Helps Reduce Your Clients’ Financial-Related Stress

When someone is injured and litigation ensues, it often starts a long and complicated process that can take months or even years to resolve. The necessary legal maneuverings can overwhelm plaintiffs whose main goal is return to their normal lives. Mounting bills and depleted bank accounts could contribute to additional stress. Fortunately, one monetary option often available to plaintiffs is […]

Notaries, Paperwork and other Hassles of Plaintiff Funding

When clients are in a desperate need of funds while waiting for their case to settle, time is of the essence. Needless steps, errands, logistics and paperwork should not delay funding, yet that is exactly what certain legal funding companies expect. Notarized Signatures Slow Down and Complicate The Process. Some settlement funding companies demand that all client signatures be notarized […]

Settlement Funding—A Financial Solution to Settlement Delays

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration 6 million car accidents take place annually in the U.S. resulting in 3 million injuries. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported there were approximately 2.9 million nonfatal workplace injuries and illnesses in private businesses in 2015—with over half involving missed days from work. The fact is millions of people are injured in […]