Advantages Of Using Lien Doctors To Treat Injured Plaintiffs

Advantages Of Using Lien Doctors To Treat Injured Plaintiffs

Personal injury plaintiffs are often shocked to learn that their insurance company will only cover a portion of their medical costs. Clients are left trying to figure out how to pay for their needed treatment. Fortunately, a relatively new arrangement enables plaintiffs to receive immediate treatment and their physicians to be fully compensated for their services.

Lien Doctors. A growing number of physicians are providing medical care in personal injury cases and agreeing to delay payment until the lawsuit is decided.

How It Works. Participating doctors put a lien on the plaintiff’s anticipated lawsuit award. These “lien doctors” take the risk that the award from a personal injury case will be enough so they can be paid in full once the plaintiff receives the settlement or jury verdict proceeds.

A 2011 decision (Howell v. Hamilton Meats, 52 Cal.4th 541) set this practice into motion. It resulted in allowing jurors to take into consideration the full medical costs when determining an equitable award when lien doctors provide treatment. Because of the Howell decision, doctors are adequately reimbursed for their services. More importantly, clients receive the immediate care they need to heal.

Of course, the plaintiff’s case must be strong so the likelihood of a favorable outcome is clear.

Rockpoint Legal Funding’s Scheduling Department helps with finding the right lien physician near the injured client’s location, scheduling medical appointments and coordinating payment disbursement.

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