For Attorneys

We are happy to establish relationships with new attorneys. Every law firm has a dedicated account executive, to give you a more personalized experience. On top of a dedicated account executive, we pride ourselves on 3 key components to provide your practice with exceptional customer service:

Conservative Funding Amounts

We encourage your clients to consider a case advance after they’ve exhausted other means of funding such as personal savings, friends, or family. Rockpoint will advance conservative dollar amounts to ensure there are adequate proceeds upon settlement. The goal of funding is to provide your client the ability to cover living expenses and to not interfere with your ability to settle the case.

Best In Industry Transparency

Competitor contracts typically include a monthly compounded fees and large transaction fees. Fees are typically hidden to inflate the contract amount. Rockpoint is the industry leader in transparency - what is on the table is what the client owes upon settlement. Contract transparency makes it easy for the case manager and client to understand the payoff schedule, which saves time during the payoff process and increases satisfactions.

Streamlined Process

Rockpoint’s proprietary portal allows for case managers to quickly apply for, manage, fund, and settle a client’s case advance. Approval decisions are quick, payoff quotes are instantaneous, the portal is secure, and account executives are available around the clock in case you have questions or concerns. This results in substantially less time case managers need to spend managing case advances, and more time spent making sure clients receive the treatment they need.

If you have anymore questions, please feel free to call us directly at 310-272-5851 or email us