Attorney Funding

Rockpoint offers liquidity solutions to law firms to get attorney funding and case cost funding on their contingent plaintiff cases. Funding can free up cashflows tied into cases and allow the law firm to spend their cashflow on marketing, operations, or an attorney's personal use. Law firms are given a dedicated account executive to streamline the application and funding process.

Conservative Funding Amounts

Rockpoint never funds more than a certain percentage of the expected case value. This ensures there are enough funds left over upon disbursement and it makes it easier to settle the case.

Transparent & Fair

Contracts are non-recourse, case-specific, and use a flat fee payback table. Fees typically cap after 3 years. Rockpoint does not give legal advice or sway the direction of the case it has funding on.

Streamlined Process

Rockpoint’s proprietary web platform allows for Rockpoint to send funds within 2 hours of a completed application. The result is substantially less time case managers and attorneys need to spend managing case funding, and more time spent working on the case.