Attorney FAQ

Why should my client use Rockpoint Legal Funding over another company?

Rockpoint Legal Funding offers the quickest, but also, the most transparent plaintiff-advance service in the industry for your clients. While all of our other competitors advertise artificially low usage fees (between 2%-4%), what they don’t advertise is their expensive administrative fees, underwriting fees, case handling fees, archiving fees, etc that they add to the cost of your advance. And what they also fail to mention, is that they accrue on those fees. So, if your client receives a $1,000 advance, andhe/she is charged $300 in administrative fees in addition to his/her advance, then he/she is paying accrual on the $1,000 that was issued to him/her, as well as the $300 fee.

This is an important issue to address for your clients, as they can sometimes feel blindsided by the cost of the advance when it comes time to disperse the funds. With Rockpoint Legal Funding’s transparent funding table, you can rest assured that your client is aware of the cost of funding before he/she ever commits to the advance.

We use a simple and transparent funding table, withno additional fees, no hidden fees, no administrative fees: “What you see is what you get.” Your clients will never pay a penny more than what’s listed on the funding table. It’s simple, it’s easy to understand, and it’s honest.

While our other competitors compound their fees, allowing their fees to escalate at higher rates each and every month for the life of your advance, Rockpoint caps out our fees after 2.5 years. So, even if your case takes 4 years to settle or try, your client stops paying fees after the 2 and a half year mark.

We also approve most of our applications within an hour or less! With our quick turnaround time, you’re able to get an approval answer to your client quicker, avoiding some of the headaches associated with long approval times.

Why should I refer my clients to Rockpoint?

Aside from Rockpoint’s commitment to full-transparency, we work directly with attorneys to ensure thatwe issue conservative funding amounts. We want to ensure that your clients receive the funds they need, but that it’s done at a conservative rate and with conservative amounts. One of the worst situations an attorney can face, is when it comes to disperse a client’s settlement when that plaintiff has been over-advanced by a funding company. At Rockpoint Legal Funding, we work very hard to avoid that exact situation from happening.

Is Rockpoint a Broker or a Direct Capital Source?

Rockpoint is a direct capital source. This means that you have to deal with less paperwork (although our online-portal ensures that most, if not all, of the application and contracts can be paperless) from the beginning to the end of the funding process. This allows Rockpoint to be less invasive than other funding companies.

Do I have a representative or an account executive?

Yes, you will be designed a direct point of contact who will always be available to you (within normalbusiness hours). Our staff is committed to ensuring that Rockpoint Legal Funding is the most “lawyer-friendly” funding company in the Industry.

Does Rockpoint Legal Funding Interfere with my case?

Absolutely not.