About Rockpoint Legal Funding

We are a team fully dedicated to providing the quickest, easiest, and most honest plaintiff-advance service in the legal funding industry. We are committed to making sure, if you need immediate access to cash as a direct result of your personal injury case, that you can count on Rockpoint to be fast, friendly, and transparent. We have established an application and approval process that’s easy to use and designed to make sure you get your pre-settlement or post-settlement advances as fast as possible.

We also pride ourselves on having a friendly and empathetic staff. We know that there are often long-lasting emotional, physical, and financial burdens that are placed on personal injury victims. Our goal is to help alleviate a little bit of that pressure by offering our advances in a way that’s fast and honest.

We also want to help even the playing field against the insurance companies. It seems as though insurance companies are armed with endless resources, usually utilized to bully personal injury plaintiffs into settling their cases faster and for less. We also alleviate pressure on the attorneys to advance their own cash on a case.

We’re here to ensure that if you need an advance on your personal injury or workers’ compensation case, that you can quickly get it. More importantly, we want to make sure that you’re treated with dignity, respect, and honesty. And it’s these specific values that have laid the foundation of Rockpoint Legal Funding.